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Yes, And - Together We Can

As Northsiders we've been working hard on issues around economic development, environmental justice, safety, housing, education, and transportation. I think it's time we take a more collaborative approach and start building a community for the community and with the community.

"Yes And - Together We Can"

"Yes, and ..." is a concept I learned in improvisational theater.

In that arena, to keep the story moving forward, you have to listen to your fellow actors, really hear what they say, and join their ideas with yours to make things work. 

Businesses and other organizations use that same principle to foster creativity and effective communication, in order to achieve greater success. You know who doesn't apply this principle? Government. And you know who MOST needs to apply this principle, right now, right here? That's right.

Can we attract terrific new businesses along our commercial corridors?

YES, AND we can make sure we don't displace the people who live here.


Can we have safety and security?

YES, AND we can have racial justice.

Can we have a growing economy and increased density?

YES, AND we can have environmental justice. #YesAnd

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