Economic Stability

Planning for a Thriving Northside

Planners say we can't attract businesses without a higher AMI (average medium income) and we can't increase our AMI without better amenities for residents.

I say YES, AND we can create higher-density residential development in spaces surrounding business corridors with a mix of affordable and market rate AND give real incentives to attract and support small businesses. We will increase employment, capture the dollars that are leaving our community, and attract more businesses.

Development without Displacement
1. Build-Out and Facade grants along our commercial corridors
2. Programs to support living wage jobs
3. Marketing support
4. Real Business technical support
5. Subsidies to purchase commercial property
6. Incentives for hiring local residents.

Housing For Everyone

1. Provide sufficient down payment assistance to make home ownership affordable

2. Subsidize every first time homebuyer class so there is never a cost

3. Work with and support local developers to build high quality affordable rental units. Because local debelopers care about the overall quality and longevity of our communitites resources.

4. Always keep in mind, our aging resdidents that have dedicated their time and lives to raising children in North Minneapolis, volunteering, paying taxes, serving in leadership positions, and giving back to their community every day.
When they are ready to pass their home down to their children, or a new family, they should have to leave their community. Whenever we are planning the development of affordable housing, we need to always have our senior community in mind. 

5. Always thinking about our homeless populations. North Minneapolis is home to the majority of Minneapolis Residents who are homeless.
We must work to find safe spaces for them to rest while working with them to secure permanent housing. Whenever we are planning for  temporary or longterm sheltering space, we must have every community member that desires to be at the table, a part of the process when it comes to locating a space for development, how it will be developed, and what programming or resources will be available to them.
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