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Environment & Climate

Kick Out Polluters & Create Clean Energy

Northside parents whose children have suffered from asthma, forced Northern Metals to tell the truth and get out of our community. Northside activists stopped the HERC expansion.


YES WE DID, AND we will put a collection site here for the batteries, fluorescent bulbs and electronics putting toxins in our waste stream and air. We will have the highest level of recycling and composting in the city, and we will be the largest producer of clean energy with our network of solar gardens.

We need to:

1. Restore our Green Spaces Clean up the river, restore Bassett Creek,

2. Remediate Toxic sites along the river, fight for grey water systems,

3. Decrease impervious surfaces, plant trees, increase boulevards on

4. Incentivize Business corridors, for stormwater management.

5. Provide funding for solar, geothermal, and solar thermal installations.

6. Reward Good Acts Resident Incentives for stormwater drain adoption & reporting, recycling, decreased waste, and mindful transportation practices.

7. Create a North Minneapolis Hazardous Waste drop off sites.

8. Continue to and sustain programs that address remediation of properties affected by lead