Racial Justice & Safe Neighborhoods

Systemic failures Have gotten us here.

The only way to fully have safety and security in our community is to have racial justice. Every person, especially our young people, needs to know they matter and have real, viable, equitable options. Huge systemic failures got us where we are now and there are no simple solutions. We have to come together and use our imaginations toward a YES, AND approach.

We are in need of Police Reform

1. More time off in order for officers to rest and spend time with family and friends

2. Increase time to look back in officers record

3. No rehire after being fired for harm commited on a civilian or dishonesty on a police report.  

4. Grants for residents to obtain Peace officer License and training

5. Seperate Unions between supervisors and supervisees so that Supervisors' bargaining units will not affected wheen disciplinary action is needed with their staff.

6. Implementation of a Police, Safety & Violence Prevention department 

7. Liabilty Insurance requirement for Officers and the need to maintain coverage

Ways we can begin to heal

1. Restore and bring back community engagement department 

2. Build community capacity to address repairing harm

3. Provide unarmed civilian protection options and training

4. Include schools, places of worship, and community organizations to recruit applicants that want to serve as officers in our community.

5. Connect with the community, while they are young. We absolutely need to build community by creating and funding coalitions of organizations, and groups that offer activities, programs, and social clubs to youth.

6. Raise the budget for non emergency safety issues such as: City Response time to deal with safety nuisances such as prompt repair of street lights, potholes, emergency call boxes, toxic dumping, and excessive speeding.