As Northsiders we've been working hard on issues around economic development, environmental justice, safety, housing, education, and transportation. I think it's time we take a more collaborative approach and start building a community for the community and with the community.

YES, AND ...

"Yes, and ... " is a concept I learned in improvisational theater. In that arena, to keep the story moving forward, you have to listen to your fellow actors, really hear what they say, and join their ideas with yours to make things work.

Businesses and other organizations use that same principle to foster creativity and effective communication, in order to achieve greater success.

You know who doesn't apply this principle? Government. And you know who MOST needs to apply this principle, right now, right here? That's right.

Can we attract terrific new businesses along our commercial corridors? YES, AND we can make sure we don't displace the people who live here.

Can we have safety and security? YES, AND we can have racial justice.

Can we have a growing economy and increased density? YES, AND we can have environmental justice. #YesAnd​

Build wealth AND keep it right here

Planners say we can't attract businesses without a higher AMI (average medium income) and we can't increase our AMI without better amenities for residents. I say YES, AND we can create higher-density residential development in spaces surrounding business corridors with a mix of affordable and market rate AND give real incentives to attract and support small businesses. We will increase employment, capture the dollars that are leaving our community, and attract more businesses. #WealthCreation

Kick out polluters and generate clean energy

Northside parents whose kids suffered from asthma forced Northern Metals to tell the truth and get out of our community. Northside activists stopped the HERC expansion. YES WE DID, AND we will put a collection site here for the batteries, fluorescent bulbs and electronics putting toxins in our waste stream, we will have the highest levels of recycling and composting in the city, and we will be the largest producer of clean energy with our network of solar gardens. #EnvironmentalJustice

How Northsiders do it

We have always had to be more creative and to work harder on this side of the city. So let's kick it up a notch and creatively fight for what we deserve.

Let's create spaces for residents to deepen their side hustle or passion business. #ThinkOutsideTheBox

What would it look like to have sales tax free zones along Lowry, West Broadway, Plymouth and Glenwood to attract new businesses and new customers? #YouOweUs

Let's have some zoning and licensing flexibility, some pop-up shop models! #NewRules

Then make a world-class business incubator drawing from national expertise and business real business support resources to take these businesses to the #NextLevel

Racial justice AND safe neighborhoods

The only way to have safety and security in our community is to have racial justice. Every person, especially our young people, needs to know they matter and have real, viable, equitable options. Huge systemic failures got us where we are now and there are no simple solutions. This fund vs. defund argument is being used to divide us. We have to come together and use our imaginations toward a YES, AND approach

What would a Police, Safety & Violence Prevention department look like?
What would it take for schools, places of worship, and community organizations to work together to recruit applicants that want to serve, protect and live in our community? 
What would it look like to have a Northside commission to review complaints and directly negotiate with the union?

What would it look like to increase the prerequisite for Minneapolis police officers to be residents of Minneapolis?
What would it look like to require officers to carry liability insurance? #SafetyAndJustice


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