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Alissa Luepke Peir

5th ward resident

What most excites me about Kristel running for office is that she pairs her commitment to north with a level of energy and dedication to finding real solutions. She is a Northsider through and through, and she has real ideas on how to make meaningful change to benefit our community, but her education on how to proceed doesn’t come from only one lived experience or one set of voices. She welcomes
people with all sorts of perspectives to come to the table and shape plans on how to move our community forward. It is rare indeed for a person to be so earnest in their quest to make the world a better place that they honestly care enough to consider each and every idea that is brought forward with robust and sincere
contemplation. Kristel is that person. It is refreshing to find someone who genuinely wants to understand the problem before crafting a solution, rather than the all-too-common situation where someone has come up with a “solution” and then tries to shoehorn in ways it might address problems. Kristel isn’t going to waste our time like that. She isn’t going to give us false hope.
She is going to dig into the problems that need to be solved to find real, meaningful, impactful solutions; and then bring about the magic of our northside genius to ensure that it is created in such a way that
actually will work. She is a person of integrity who has worked hard her whole life and knows what it means to be part of the community here on the Northside, and is dedicated to fighting for what is right.

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