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Unapologetically Northside

I'm running to represent Ward 5 on the Minneapolis City Council so together we can build a Northside we all deserve.

Unapologetically Northside

A True Northsider

Kristel grew up in North Minneapolis and she's raised her children here.


She's worked at NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center and has led two Northside Neighborhood Organizations. She's taught and coached at North High, Henry and Edison.


She's led several successful Northside programs like Cycle Sisters, Clean City Youth, Northside Housing Fair, Power North, and Live on the Drive. She founded and leads the fast-growing non-profit MN Renewable Now that is installing solar panels onto homes and businesses on the Northside.

Kristel is a champion. She has a clear vision for a Northside revival with community-driven development, empowered youth, locally-targeted job creation, and a destination for locally-owned restaurants, bars, retail and entertainment.

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A Message from Kristel

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